Rambo First Blood Knife Lego Model (Life-sized Creation) - 703

SGD 99.00

"They drew first blood, not me." – Rambo Part count: 162 pieces Measurements: 30cm long I grew up watching the Rambo movies and yes, that pretty much tells you how old I am. I remember that era of action movies as having some of the best action sequences, using real explosions and props and sometimes really corny one-liners before dispatching the enemy. Sylvester Stallone was one of the best at doing this. One of Rambo’s signature weapons is his knife, always by his side. I wanted to build one for myself, but it was hard to find a nice Lego reference for a knife, so I figured out the design myself. Building a knife in Lego form is by no means an easy task. First off, there weren’t many nice MOCs out there to reference, so I basically started from scratch. I did however use inspiration from Chris Maddison’s work and various techniques to finish this build. I drew a few sketches, trying to figure out the general shape and how to make those curved edges and details. I made the blade first and that took me ages to get right. The hardest part was getting the 12 teeth to look accurate, which is the same number as the actual knife. I spent many days looking at it and modifying little details until I was happy with it. I knew in my mind how to create the handle because I had used the technique to make another MOC before, so I fixed that pretty quickly. I added a screw cap at the end with an almost Celtic looking design (using a technic piece), because it felt more interesting than a plain cap. The next step was to piece everything together, the blade, the guard and handle. This proved to be trickier than I thought, but after a few tests I managed to find a way to make everything fit together and not fall apart with a single touch. It’s actually quite stable and you can stab and pretend to slice an imaginary foe. The whole process took a few weeks, but in the end it was worth it. I didn’t want to release this model until it was perfect. The piece comes fully built with new and original Lego bricks and includes a stand for display. The MOC will be shipped to you and will take 2-3 days domestically(Singapore) and 1-2 weeks to reach you overseas.