(Pre-order)Thor's Hammer(Mjolnir) Miniscale Model - 702

SGD 90.00

“Yes, well that’s a very, very interesting theory. I have a simpler one: You’re all not worthy.” - Thor Piece count: 181 pieces Measurements: 9.5cm(width) X 9.5cm(length) X 16cm(height) Weight: 180 grams It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and The Avengers is one of my favourite movies. One of the members of the Avengers is the mighty Thor, the Norse God of thunder from Asgard. He possesses the enchanted hammer known as Mjolnir, which gives him the ability to fly and strike his foes with lightning. I decided to build Thor’s Hammer in mini scale and the idea came to me after sorting my bricks and realising that I could make a nice desktop piece or a very ‘heavy’ paperweight. The piece comes fully built with new and original Lego bricks and will be a delight for any comic fan. So are you worthy? The model will be shipped to you and will take 2-3 days domestically(Singapore) and 1-2 weeks to reach you overseas.