(PRE-ORDER)Formidable Class Stealth Frigate Microscale - 204

SGD 289.00

The Formidable-class multi-role stealth frigates are the latest surface platforms to enter into service with the Republic of Singapore Navy, and are multi-mission derivatives of the French Navy's La Fayette-class frigate. The six ships form the 185 Squadron of the RSN. Our brick built replica covers every detail of this vessel and includes features such as a flight deck with a microscale Seahawk helicopter, intricate details and pivoting and rotating 76mm gun up front. Check out it's stats here: Type: Frigate Displacement: 3,200 tonnes Length: 114.8 m (376 ft 8 in) Beam: 16.3 m (53 ft 6 in) Draught: 6.0 m (19 ft 8 in) Speed: Maximum: 27 knots (50.0 km/h; 31.1 mph) Range: 4,200 nautical miles (7,780 km) Complement: 71, excluding air crew detachment of approx. 19 Search radar: Thales Herakles multi-function Passive electronically scanned array radar Fire-control radar: Thales STING EO Mk2 Navigation radar: Terma Electronic Scanter 2001 Sonar: EDO Model 980 active low frequency towed sonar (ALOFTS) Electronic warfare & decoys: ESM: RAFAEL C-PEARL-M Decoys: Sagem Défense Sécurité New Generation Dagaie System, 2 × forward & 1 × aft. Leonardo Finmeccanica Morpheus anti-torpedo suite with WASS C310 launchers, 2 x aft Armament: Anti-ship: 8 × RGM-84C Harpoon SSM (there is allocated space for 24 Harpoon missiles Anti-air: 2 × Sylver A50 8-cell VLS for MBDA Aster 15/30, 2 × Sylver A43 8-cell VLS for MBDA Aster 15 Anti-submarine: 2 × B515 triple tubes with reloads for EuroTorp A244/S Mod 3 torpedoes Guns: Oto Melara 76mm Super Rapid gun (mounted in stealth cupola), 4 × CIS 50MG 12.7 mm (0.50 in) HMG, 2 × 25mm Mk38 Mod2 Typhoon Weapon Station Stabilised Missile Non-lethal: Long-Range Acoustic Device 500 Xtreme (LRAD500X) Using almost 600 pieces, this baby measures 43x7.5x20cm and will be fully built for you. However, since this is such a big piece, this will be for PRE ORDER only and should take less than 3 weeks to built. The vessel will be shipped to you by AIRMAIL and will take 2-3 days domestically(Singapore) and 1-2 weeks overseas to reach you.