Police Land Rover Defender - 401

SGD 139.00

The Police Land Rover Defender is a common sight on the streets of Singapore. It’s dark blue shade and police logo on the side is instantly recognisable. This bad boy has served both the Police Force and the Armed Forces and is sturdy as a rock. The Rover will make a memorable gift for anyone who served in the Force before. Features: - Police minifigure with a pistol, night stick, beret and walkie to call for backup - Pasted stickers to give it a realistic feel - Easily removable top hatch to put your policeman behind the wheel, don’t need doors in the Lego world - Can stuff three guys in the car Measures 12.8cm(length)x7cm(height)x6cm(width). The model comes fully built with new and original Lego bricks and will be a perfect fit into your town. Bad boys, bad boys, what cha gonna do? The model will be shipped to you and will take 2-3 days domestically(Singapore) and 1-2 weeks to reach you overseas. Shipping to Singapore is free of charge.