What do we do?

Here at Lioncity Mocs, we build our own custom designs using Lego bricks and sometimes use third party elements to enhance the creation. Our models are usually centric to Singapore and revolve around the country’s military and police assets, such as tanks, cars, helicopters, planes and drones. We are also proud of Singaporean architecture and feature some iconic buildings in the mix. Other builds include comic or pop culture inspired designs as well. 

How long does the item take to reach me?

Shipping in Singapore takes only a few days to reach you. But if you live overseas it will take about 1-2 weeks.

Why are the prices so expensive?

As you know, sourcing for specific Lego elements doesn’t come cheap, and our designs use a wide variety of parts that are sourced from all over the world. After the parts are sorted, we can then proceed to building and customizing, all of which requires a lot of man hours. We also have an office to upkeep and this wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Can you make a diorama for me?

Yes I can. But I can only do dioramas of Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, SCDF related scenes/buildings. That has been my focus for the past year.

Can you make corporate gifts for my company?

Yes I can, please send me an email with your requirements like, idea, quantity, size and we can proceed from there.

Payment options

We accept credit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery. If you would like to pick up at our office, please arrange with us. 

Shipping rates

All prevailing rates will apply for shipment and will be calculated upon checkout.