Lioncity Mocs

Started by Justin Chua in 2017, Lioncity Mocs is the business arm of A Minifigure Life and aims to deliver well-designed building kits at affordable prices.

The name Lioncity is an ode to the country of Singapore, where the business originates.

All our kits are painstakingly put together by hand and go through a strict quality check process before its ready for launch. We use only 100% genuine Lego parts in our designs and have a growing variety of kits to choose from.
We also make corporate gifts that can be customised to your needs. Email us to find out more. 

About the designer

Since a very young age, I’ve always loved playing with Lego. It was my favorite toy growing up and helped to shape my building skills and creativity during my early years. I must have spent thousands of hours recreating everything from cartoons to movie scenes and vehicles of all sorts, anything my younger brother and I could dream up.

Then during my teenage years, I stopped playing. I went through my “dark ages” as AFOL’s call it.

Fast-forward to my mid twenties and a camper van from the City line caught my attention; I had to have it. I always loved camper vans because I like the idea of being free and living on the road. That first purchase after so many years reignited my passion for the building block and one thing led to another. It has now spiralled into an obsession and an empty wallet.

Over the years, I’ve learned from many masters of the craft, gaining new tips and tricks and eventually finding my own style and voice. I am still learning everyday and continue to do what makes me feel alive.

A Minifigure Life was birthed when I decided I wanted to do something with my hobby and share that passion. I love making things from pop culture, like guns, knives, relics and all sorts of memorabilia. Cult films, anime, comics and cartoons are a big influence on my work.

There is no limit to what you can make with this toy. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Justin Chua

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